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“With my voice and words I connect people to deeper layers within themselves.  I touch the essence of things.” 

Welcome (En)
Welkom (Ne)

For companies
Let's find the heartbeat of the business

For the world of business I offer a range of concepts that touch the hearts and minds of people. In a world that craves creativity and moments of reflection and connection, I provide the means to do just that through spoken word and programs to unlock innate creativity in people. Because the world of business needs our creativity too. 

For everyone
Custom spoken words: let's catch the essence of your heart

Finding the right words to celebrate life's milestones or bid farewell can be challenging. But I will find the words in your heart with you for you. Heartfelt spoken word pieces for those moments that defy easy expression. Whether it's a joyous occasion worth commemorating or a farewell, let's weave words, leaving a lasting impression on those who listen. Or simply for yourself.

Simply Art & Heart
My words

I share both Dutch and English pieces on Substack. You can subscribe to one or both:

What people say

"Like listening to a friend. Warm."
Putri, Bal  


"Meditative. Grounding."
Steve, London


"Calming voice. Soothing."
Sarah, Nederland


"Poetical, Soft, Intimate."
Renee, Nederland


"Helps me understand my own experience."


Dutch piece WAT ALS

English piece For the one that was never minde. From the Book the Messy Middle.

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