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Clarity comes from action. Not from overthinking.

Work with me and let me infuse you with some simply starting energy.

Where you see obstacles I see the road ahead.

Where you feel overwhelm I see simple steps.
Where you see chaos I see structure.

Where you feel stuck I create movement.
Where you feel smaal I see your highest power.

I am Known for my ability to create movement and action from the heart. I am here to help you move towards that thing that's yearning to be created and/or put into the world. Whether you already know what that thing is or not.


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"Manon is an extraordinary Person. In a few calls  she helped me to get very clear  and I got super inspired! She’s a very generous and sincere person.  There’s no way you can bullshit her (which is a good thing, trust me). Her intuition is spot on and she often finds the right words to really hit the nail on the head whatever your situation. Her sense for what a room or person needs and her ability to provide whatever it is, is a one of a kind talent."  

Jenny Felicitas Barz  

"Manon was able to create movement there where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness’. She has a power to sense and explore what’s needed at any given moment which empowers me and creates bigger opportunities. I enjoy her pragmatism and powerful questions together with useful tips and advices."

Angelique van Eeuwen-Bos 

"Wouldn't it be great to work with a partner who can:
- Inspire and empower you to overcome challenges and roadblocks
- Offer advice based on solid knowledge and rich experience
- Generously share connections and resources
- Gently but firmly hold you accountable for your actions
Manon is everything mentioned above and so much more! During my 3 months engagement with her, we exceeded the ambitious goals I set for myself. I am grateful for her authentic and empathetic presence and would highly recommend her."
Yoshi Hashimoto

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JOIN ME IN THE HOTSEAT (free weekly sessions)

Where we make things simple, fund and actionable.
(Dutch and English Sessions)


Every week, I open up my Zoom room (for free!). Everyone is welcome either to just to join to support and be inspired by others, or to take the hot-seat.


In the hot-seat, I invite you to share what's on your mind, what it is that you want to (re)start: whether it's finding more alignment in your 9-5, attracting more clients to your business, starting that book you've been dreaming of, launching a podcast, or anything else that's been brewing inside you.


I am present and tune in with you and together, we'll:


  • Create clarity

  • Identify the next simple step toward your goal

  • Benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of the group

  • Turn overwhelm into fun

  • Invite some boldness in


You will walk away feeling excited about your next steps, in stead of overwhelmed.
With clarity, confidence, and momentum to take your next steps.

Let's create some simply starting energy together 



English click here to join.

Dutch/Nederlands click here to join.

Surrender to Paper Surrender to life


Start the simple writing practice that shows you all the answers inside you.

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