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Simply Start Weekly Hot Seat (FREE)

Where we make things simple, fun and actionable

Dutch and English Sessions


Every week, I open up my Zoom room (for free) for an empowering session. Everyone is welcome either to just to join to support and be inspired by others, or to take the hot-seat. Sometimes it will only be you. Sometimes there will also be others. And always exactly the right people will be there.


In the hot-seat, I invite you to share what's on your mind, what it is that you want to (re)start: whether it's finding more alignment in your 9-5, attracting more clients to your business, starting that book you've been dreaming of, launching a podcast, or anything else that's been brewing inside you.


I am present and tune in with you and together, we'll:


  • Create clarity

  • Identify the next simple step toward your goal

  • Benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of the group

  • Turn overwhelm into fun

  • Invite some boldness in


You will walk away feeling excited about your next steps, in stead of overwhelmed.
With clarity, confidence, and momentum to take your next steps.



I will always be  honest and direct in a gentle way. Using my intuition and entrepreneurial pragmatic mind. There's no judgment in this room and everyone that happens in the room is confidential. All you will find is support and insight.


Let's create some simply starting energy together!



English click here to join.

Dutch/Nederlands click here to join.

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