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show me your humanness 
I will show your mine

allow yourself.

you can spend a lifetime being with yourself

healing and loving yourself in all dark corners

but the moment you think you are all healed up

someone will come along


someone will come along to show you

you will learn healing is not patching up a wound

you will learn a wound has many layers

and heals like that

every time you ache
you’re just ready

for a new layer to be revealed

and healed

someone’s being will show you

the ache that never really goes away

the shame that wants to shut all its doors

the pain that thinks it doesn't deserve tenderness


allow yourself to be with someone

who shows where it still aches

who shows what wants to hide

so that you can be with it


allow yourself to be with someone

who shows you a new layer

who holds it with you

so that you dare to go in and let go

allow yourself to be with someone

who sees your brilliance

who sees your beauty

so that you can remember too


allow yourself to be with someone

who reminds you healing is knowing

your most painful wound

is home to your greatest gift


allow yourself to be with someone

who can be with your ache

so that your greatest gift

gets the home it deserves

My words are about all that makes us human.  All our stories are different and yet all our experiences are the same.
I just put words to it all. 

use myself, my (sometimes raw) feelings and emotions, my experiences, my many mistakes (if there is such a thing), doubts, breakdowns and growth as the object of my writing.  

But my writing is not about me.  I find comfort in the fact that people from all walks of life, with the most diverse stories and backgrounds, told me they find recognition and comfort in my words.

In the process of writing my book 'Picking up the pieces' I share pieces of my work and with that of my humanness.
I record them for those that rather listen than read. I have been told I have a soothing voice and meditative rhythm in my stories so maybe you find them relaxing too.


Sharing our humanness makes us less alone. Let my words heal you like to heal me. And let my humanness make you feel better about yours.

There is a part inside of her.  A corner of her being.  A fire, a flame a light that can never be dimmed.  She knows there is something out there.  She cannot see it yet. But she knows it's there. And she will keep walking towards it even though she doesn't even know what she's walking towards. Her steps hold no doubt. They are gracious yet firm. They are light yet steady. They know where they are going even though she doesn't. She takes the lead even though nobody is following her. She knows sometimes we just have to start walking. People have a hunger for truth and she carries it with her like a torch. She doesn’t carry it with her anymore like a heavy load, like a burden, but like a torch, a light, a signpost showing the way.  


I have been told the audio versions help people relax and be with whatever it is they are feeling. 

Calming, Like listening to a friend, Warm  - Putri, Bal  

Soothing, Meditational, Grounding 
Steve, London

Calming voice, Soothing - Sarah, The Netherlands


Poetical, Soft, Meditative, Intimate
- Renee, The Netherlands



Or simply read them.

Honest, Real, Raw, Intimate  - Ashley, Portugal

Uninhibited - Becki, US

Helps reach deeper layers - Sarah,
The Netherlands