Maybe you found my words on the street

or in a cafe, listened to my podcast,

or heard me on the radio.

Maybe I found you. Either way,

I'm happy you're here.

Show me your humanness

I will show you mine

sometimes it seems

life dug you a well

you could never get out of

until you did

with dust in your bones
and fire in your heart
you understood

it was just there
to make you grow taller

then you thought you were

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Honest, Real, Raw, Intimate 
Ashley, Portugal

Becki, US

Helps reach deeper layers
Sarah, The Netherlands


- Mersiha, VS

Tender, After effect
- Anonymous

Like listening to a friend, Warm 
Putri, Bal  

Soothing, Meditational, Grounding 
Steve, London

Calming voice, Soothing

 - Sarah, The Netherlands


Poetical, Soft, Meditative, Intimate
- Renee, The Netherlands

Helps me find words for my own experience

- Koen

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she is her own season
she grew roots so deep
for nobody to see
but when she is ready
ready to bloom
she will kiss the sky, the sun,
and the moon

Allow yourselfManon
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