Let me write for you.
Make your words flow.
And sound human.


Do you have stories (maybe even a book!), knowledge, and wisdom to share?
You wrote a draft, but it is not yet where you want it to be?
And you do not know how to get it there?


I will help you make your words flow. So that they reach your reader's minds ánd hearts.

You will get to the essence of what you want to say. With words that speak.

In a way, you would have said it yourself.

I work for people in business, for coaches, for entrepreneurs and simply people who have something to share.
Professional or personal: the world needs your authentic and true expression.

You write and send me your draft.

No matter how shitty you think it is. I will re-write, edit, polish and make your words flow.


A message from a coach/entrepreneur for who I re-write. This is what I hear often.

It's the reason I write.
["This makes me emotional. This is exactly what I wanted to say, and so much better worded."]

Contact me 


T: +31 (0) 615888281

and let's see how I can help.

You write. I re-write.

You wrote something, but it's not there yet?  

I will be your editorial partner.

I get to the exact essence of what you want to say, delete and edit, polish and tweak.
But also advise or come up with ideas for your next article or post, ideas to re-purpose the content you already wrote.
We can look at what you want to achieve with your writing and build on that.

In the process, you become a better writer and will find your voice.
It's a fun and enlightening journey to take together.

I offer on-demand-packages. Which you can use in a way that suits you best. Sometimes a 10-minute brainstorm or quick edit will do, and sometimes I, or we, might want to take more time to edit or talk things over.

4-hour package: 390 euros (ex. VAT if applicable)
8-hour package: 720 euros (ex. VAT if applicable)

4-hour intro package*: 250 euros (ex. VAT if applicable)

* for those that have not worked with me yet.

Contact me 


T: +31 (0) 615888281

and let's see how I can help.



During my 3 months engagement with Manon, we exceeded the ambitious goals I set for myself. I am grateful for her authentic and empathetic presence and would highly recommend her.

Yoshi Hashimoto Certified Coach  / Vice President of Marketing 


Manon manages to hold complexity, facilitate structure, is innovative and a gifted writer. I enjoy working with her. Always productive and still somehow relaxed.

Clara Hahn, Founder Fired up space


Manon is an extraordinary coach and Person. In a few calls h she helped me to get very clear on my message  + I got super inspired! She’s a very generous and sincere person. When you choose to work with her I think there’s no way you can bullshit her (which is a good thing, trust me). Her intuition is spot on, and she often finds the right words to really hit the nail on the head whatever your situation. Her sense for what a room or person needs, and her ability to provide whatever it is, is a one of a kind talent. If you’re looking for that extra spark of aliveness and inspiration in your business or community don’t hesitate to reach out to her! You will not regret it.  - Jenny Felicitas Barz  (CPCC, PCC)