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A non-practical guide for the healing hearts.

In 2023 my debut will be published with Palmslag Publishers. This is part of my original manuscript that got us connected. I changed the idea for my first book, but wanted to share these words with you anyway!

Don’t try to make sense of it. The middle of your story. You are not supposed to get it until you reach the end.


We don’t know we reached the end until we get it. And sometimes we did not even notice the old story ended and the new beginning began.


It just did.


Without telling us.

Maybe you will find a piece of yourself between the lines.

I also recorded an English and Dutch audio version of the bundle,

for those that would rather listen than read. Or want to do both.

Poem Hearts Cannot Break

It's like a go-to hug or reminder that things will be ok and that it's all part of being human.

Steve, London

It's amazing. I have a heavy chest and teary eyes after reading. So full of soul, meaning and hurt. So vulnerable and beautiful. I love the way you write and there are sone expressions which jumped straight to my heart.

Lena, Switzerland

So much beauty, softness, insights. The words have so much power because they can truly enter into someone's heart and soul. Without making my mind cone into a busy state.

Gordnana Nanshee, Germany

Soothing, deep yet also gave me a smile. 

Catherine, France

So beautiful, raw, open, honest. It feels like a warm bath. Please write more!

Desiree, The Netherlands

Wow, I am really impressed. And it's exactly what I needed.

Maartje, The Netherlands

Download 'The messy middle'.
Yes, for free.
You can read or listen to it. 


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