Receive a weekly preview of my book 'The Messy Middle' - A Non-Practical guide for the healing hearts.  For the messy middle there is no manual on how to do it.

We just do. Let's do it together. Because in the end, we are all much more the same than we are different.

Especially with a broken heart.

'Like a go-to hug or reminder that things will be ok and that it’s all part of being human.' - Steve, London

'Amazing. I have a heavy chest and teary eyes. So full of soul, meaning and hurt. So vulnerable and beautiful. I love the way you write and there are some expressions which jumped straight to my heart.' - Lena

‘So much beauty, softness, insights, it is authentic, it came out of a true state of your being and you have written it down when you touched the ground. They have so much power because they can truly enter into someone’s heart and soul. I can’t enter with my mind into the words. They entered into my heart and soul without making my mind come into a busy state.' - Gordana Nanshee Heyden