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A book about her.

And you. And me.
A book about SHE.

Become part of something enlightening.

With Publisher Palmslag I will publish a poetry bundle of 50 poems written for 50 women from all over the world. (Published in Dutch and English)

50 poems that show our uniquely personal but also shared humanness as women.


That shows she who is brilliant, brave, scared, who fell down, got up, burned down and started over, she who laughs and cries at the same time, she who feels it all.

Written together.
You might find a piece of yourself in between the lines.

This book gives words to women's, life's, feelings and experiences from all over the world.

Do you want to be part of it? I am still writing.


Topics women ask me to write about are motherhood, becoming a woman, losing a child, self-love, hope, jealousy, marriage, divorce, belonging and being alone and so much more and so much in between. I can write multiple poems for multiple women about one topic, and they will all touch upon something different.

Every single time I write, I find a piece of myself in the words, and the women I write for find the words for what they are experiencing.

By allowing me to write for you, you help me put together a wonderful bundle of humanness which allows other people to connect to your experience as well. 

I write on donation base. When you receive your poem, you will decide not only what it is worth to you, but also what you can and want to donate. You can donate 1 euro or 1000 euros and anything in between.


How it works.

We have a short 15-minute chat, so that we can both see and feel if it feels right. If we both decide it does, I will ask you a few questions by phone or via WhatsApp.


In that conversation, I get to the core of what you would like to say.

Because of the questions I ask and the words I use, you will already experience much more clarity about what is going on inside of you.

Sometimes people will ask if their topic is not too personal or too specific. Every topic is both personal and collective, and relatable for others. So nothing is too specific, too general, too strange. All of you is welcome.


For a moment I'll crawl into your heart and skin, and then I'll get to work for you.

Until you say 'wow that is exactly what I feel.'


I love it. You really captured the theme and emotion I expressed!

I like everything, all the stanzas capture what I shared to you about how I feel.


 Written for Krizia -  The Philippines.
Poem about a mother’s love for her Children

This touched me deeply. It's worded so perfectly.


Written for Sylvia -  The Netherlands

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