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A poem for your business or event?

Whatever business you are in, you want to connect with people. If you want to get your message across and connect with people's minds and hearts, let me write a poem for you.

More art and heart in business, please! 


Let your own words flow.


Do you have stories knowledge, and wisdom to share but not the words, the time or simply desire to put them onto paper? Or you wrote a draft, but it is not yet where you want it to be? I will make your words flow and sound human.


Find healing through words.

Do you need healing? Closure? Connection with your true self?
Let my words and voice guide you into your heart and into softness.
Meet the healing powers of words.  Let me channel the words you need to hear.


Voice over: Let me be your voice

Do you need a warm, soothing, comforting voice?
My voice is know to be just that. And you can hire it!


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