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The book for those that know that a heart that breaks is not broken. Just broken open. And then has more space than ever before.


What if all those who broke our hearts were actually there to invite us to love ourselves more?  This book holds my heart that broke. Again and again. 
But it also holds the healing of it. For a heart to heal it needs to break. And hearts can actually never really break. They can only grow into softness.
If we allow them to.



The Messy Middle ❤️

€ 16,00Prijs

    "I have a heavy chest and teary eyes. Some expressions jump straight into my heart."

    - Lena, Zürich

    "Like a warm hug from a friend. And very impactful as you read more and more through it." - Steve, London

    "The Messy Middle, caught me off guard in the best way possible. It pulled me in and helped me see myself—and what I am going through—in a powerful way. I couldn’t stop reading it because I wanted to find out what would happen with her heart—but I also wanted to find out what was going to happen to my heart. I think anyone who has had, will have, or is in the middle of heart-ache will love this book. And like Manon says, hearts cannot break."
    - Ken Carlson, US

    "I love it from the start till the end. It was like floating like a river. It reminded me of a river with all little waterfalls and ponds and it just continued from one to the next pond and every time a new universe openend up. Unusual in a good way. It’s so powerful. Love the personal stories and the poems embedded into it. It was like diving swimming, sliding up down a waterfall. I could completely feel it." 
    - Gordana, Germany

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