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Feel more alive and creative.

Work with me and let me infuse you with some simply starting magic.

Drawing from my extensive experience im simply starting (and persisting and succeeding) and in unlocking my creativity and doing the same for others I understand what you need to be connected back to your own creative power. While trusting and enjoying in the process. You'll be amazed by the momentum that a gentle push can generate.


I offer a personalized program tailored to your unique needs, available in Dutch or English. Because we are ever-evolving individuals, I do not adhere to a fixed program. Our collaboration will likely span at least three months.

I draw on an extensive experience from unlocking my own creative power, finding back my joy and creativity in everyday life and guiding others. I create individual practices and tools that serve your specific need.

Our sessions will be conducted one-on-one via Zoom or in person. We can either dedicate an entire day to our work or schedule hourly sessions every week or biweekly. Between sessions, we'll stay connected through phone calls and WhatsApp.

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What will you gain?

  • Movement, Clarity and Fun.

  • A rediscovered sense of aliveness and reconnection with your soul.

  • With my extensive experience in simply starting, you won't have to dwell on practical matters that often clutter our minds. I always have the right online tools and processes on hand, tailored to your needs—I've tried them all.

  • I'll provide the gentle nudges you need to tackle the tasks you've been avoiding.



I don't offer fixed one-on-one programs. Instead, we'll have a conversation to determine if I'm the right fit to support your needs and goals. If we both feel aligned, I'll create a personalized offer tailored to you.

Wanna have a chat with no obligations?


Message me: or send me a WhatsApp message: +31 615888281

What clients say.

Manon is an extraordinary Person. In a few calls  she helped me to get very clear  and I got super inspired! She’s a very generous and sincere person.  There’s no way you can bullshit her (which is a good thing, trust me). Her intuition is spot on and she often finds the right words to really hit the nail on the head whatever your situation. Her sense for what a room or person needs and her ability to provide whatever it is, is a one of a kind talent. 

 Jenny Felicitas Barz  (Germany) 

Manon was able to create movement there where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness’. She has a power to sense and explore what’s needed at any given moment which empowers me and creates bigger opportunities. I enjoy her pragmatism and powerful questions together with useful tips and advices. She supports on a more strategic level to define my business together with the pragmatic support with regards to texts and articulate what I actually want to say. I love her empathic combined with a pragmatic approach which really brings me and my business further!

 Angelique van Eeuwen-Bos (Leadership coach, Tanzania)

When you are looking to start on your own as a coach, wouldn't it be great to work with a partner who can:
- Inspire and empower you to overcome challenges and roadblocks
- Offer advice based on solid knowledge and rich experience
- Generously share connections and resources
- Gently but firmly hold you accountable for your actions
- Always be available when you need someone to talk to
Manon (and her company Simply Start) is everything mentioned above and so much more! During my 3 months engagement with her, we exceeded the ambitious goals I set for myself. I am grateful for her authentic and empathetic presence and would highly recommend her 1:1 mentoring program and Simply Start to all coaches looking for a partner to join your journey.
Yoshi Hashimoto, (Amsterdam, Vice President of Marketing)

Always Spot on.

Yasser Abbas  (Country Director Alpine) 

Something magical happened.

Myriam (Director Medical Organization)

Manon is a very unique and talented person with a superpower for helping people to get out of their own way. She has provided me with a great deal of support over the last few years to help me define a clearer vision for myself and my business. Most recently I reached out for her help to launch a new business venture after hitting some stumbling blocks. She was able to leverage all of her intuitive skills to get me unstuck and back onto a clear path. Manon is honest and straight forward (in a very good way!) and will fully support and champion you to take the action needed to get to where you want to go.
Steve Aitken (London, Founder Coachtap)

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