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It Doesn’t MatterArtist Name
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It doesn’t matter


it doesn’t matter

if they left

if you left

or if you both left 

if it was yesterday

a year ago

or 20 years ago.

if they were here for a day

for a year

or a lifetime.


heartbreak is hard
it takes us to the core of our human-ness

where we can meet our purest and most raw self


it can feel like you will never love again

it can feel like you lost a piece of you 

it can feel like you lost the ground under your feet. 

it can feel like all that is left is a big aching gap inside you


we don’t only say goodbye to a person 

we say goodbye to a daily witness of our human-ness 

to a future that must be rewritten
to an anchor that helps us hold our ground

to a way that we simply feel around them


I can tell you: this too shall pass

I can tell you that you will find your ground again

I can tell you that all the good feelings you think you’ve lost are still inside you
I can even tell you that you will love again  [and you will]


but I too forgot…

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