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Hi, welcome to my website,

and a piece of my world.
A place for
 when you wanna feel

what's in between the lines.

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The Messy Middle is almost here.  
Get the first part of the book for free now.

A book not just about healing from heartbreak, but more than anything about finding our way back to our own hearts and love.


A Book for those that know, a heart that breaks, is not broken, just broken open.

The words in this book helped me heal and I hope they do the same for you. or those who buy the book I created a special playlist with audios from the book. A way for me to connect with you even more through the words.

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What I can do for you


Poetic Ventures for companies
let's find the heartbeat of business

For the world of business I offer a range of concepts that touch the hearts and minds of people.  In a world that craves moments of reflection and connection, we provide the means to do just that through spoken word, workshops and reflective art forms. because the world of business needs our creativity too. 

Personal custom words
let's get to the heart of the matter

Perhaps you want to give words to the important phase in your life.  Finding words together for your experience can be healing. Or you have something to celebrate. Whether getting married, celebrating new life or 50 years of togetherness. I will help you find the words.


Need a warm, sooting, grounding voice-over? Borrow mine.

I love using my voice. And people seem to really enjoy the sound of it.
I will happily borrow it for big and small projects that align with me and my values. From a warm welcoming voice-message to a guided tour or a documentary voice over. I can also help you choose music that carries and elevates the power of the spoken words.

My voice English
Mijn stem Nederlands

"The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart."

Maya Angelou

Jenny Felicitas Barz


Manon is an extraordinary person. In just a few phone calls, she helped me clarify my message, and I became super inspired! She is a very generous and genuine person. If you choose to work with her, I don't think you can fool her in any way (which is a good thing, believe me). Her intuition is perfect, and she often finds the right words to hit the nail on the head, regardless of your situation. 

Erik Ackerman

(Director of Liliane Fonds)

Manon has written and recited a custom poem for Liliane Fonds and MIVA during our Christmas gathering. The poem 'Let's Be Together' beautifully brought to life the rich history, aspirations, and inspiration of our work. Manon listened attentively and quickly grasped the essence. I can recommend this to any organization or company that wants to connect employees or volunteers in a different way.

Shari Veldhuizen 

Manon is a true sorceress. With a gentle power, she holds up a mirror and gets to the essence. She is open, approachable, and warm, and her work is deep, light, and connecting."

The Podcast  (Dutch and English)

Soothing and grounding. It takes you away for a moment. A moment of reflection. With a bit of humor and recognition to lighten our sometimes messy humanness.

Like listening to a friend. Warm.
Putri, Bal  


Meditative. Grounding.
Steve, London


Calming voice. Soothing.
Sarah, Nederland


Poetical, Soft, Intimate.
Renee, Nederland


Helps me understand my own experience.


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