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The Messy Middle

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"I have a heavy chest and teary eyes. Some expressions jump straight into my heart." - Lena, Zürich


Don't just listen, let the words reach even deeper.
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It is such a recognizable theme that you describe, the patterns, the choices, the self-examination. It feels like a warm bath. Please write more, more more - Desiree

Like a warm hug from a friend. It's very good. And very impactful as you read more and more through it. - Steve

The Messy Middle, caught me off guard in the best way possible. It pulled me in and helped me see myself—and what I am going through—in a powerful way. I couldn’t stop reading it because I wanted to find out what would happen with her heart—but I also wanted to find out what was going to happen to my heart. I think anyone who has had, will have, or is in the middle of heart-ache will love this book. And like Manon says, hearts cannot break. - Ken Carlson

I love it from the start till the end.
It was like floating like a river. It reminded me of a river with all little waterfalls and ponds and it just continued from one to the next pond and every time a new universe openend up. Unusual in a good way. It’s so powerful. Love the personal stories and the poems embedded into it. It was like diving swimming, sliding up down a waterfall. I could completely feel it.

- Gordana

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