about Manon


I'm a writer, a creator and a brilliantly  flawed being just like you. Who shares her messy humanness so you might feel better about yours.

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I help you find and speak the words you can not find yet.

My writing is not about me. My experiences, feelings, joys, regrets and mistakes are not unique. All our stories are different and yet all our experiences are the same. I just like putting words to it all.

I also find much comfort in the fact that people from all walks of life, with the most diverse stories and backgrounds, find a part of themselves in my words. 

It took me a long time to find a sense of belonging and to know and feel that we are actually never alone. That we are all connected and carried.


We have to carry, sometimes hard,  things on our own, but we are never really alone.

It's pretty obvious that I like to go deep within the human experience and unravel matters of the heart. But I also believe in the power of decisions and action. 


It took me a few decades, letting everything go I had, starting over from scratch, breaking down and facing a lot of deeply tucked away fears to find that place inside that knows no fear and trusts in life itself.


That truly believes she and we all are capable of anything that resides in our minds and hearts. Which doesn't mean I am always in that space. It just means I trust I will find my way back to it when I get lost.

Even though born a writer it took me almost 4 decades to let go of my mind and just pick up the pen. To start a new story. Perfectly on time.


And as if it was always already there. 

she is on her way to something yet she’s not in a hurry to get there

she is walking towards something yet she has already arrived

and she will never arrive because she is already there



Born an overthinker



A Bday card from a friend. Glad I did not know how much truth it held. ('just know that the first 40 years can be rather hard')

IMG_0737 5.jpg


Picked up the pen after almost 4 decades. Perfectly on time. Still growing up