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Let's give words to what feels indescribable. Find a piece of yourself

 between the lines.

Are you looking for healing, some closure on something you went through, a tribute to someone you lost, or clarity on something you are feeling or experiencing? Let my words help and heal you.

We are all brilliant, brave, scared, fall down, get up, burn down again and started over. We laugh and cry. All at once.
Sometimes what we go through, and our humanness, wants to be captured in words.

Because it gives clarity, comfort and healing.

It makes you feel less alone, seen and understood. It's like a ritual we go through together.

I can give words to something that might feel indescribable. 

How it works.

We have a short 15-minute chat, so that we can both see if it feels right for us to do this together. If we decide it does,  we will have a conversation by phone, via zoom or in person if that is possible.  


In that conversation, I get to the core of what is really going on, of what you feel, experience and would like to say.

This conversation will already give you clarity and calmness. A truer connection of what is going on inside of you.


Nothing is too specific, too general, too strange. All of you is welcome.

For a moment I'll crawl into your heart and skin, and then I'll get to work for you.

Until you say 'wow that is exactly what I feel / wanted to say.'

What it will bring you.

A beautiful piece of personal healing art. Acceptance of what is going on inside of you. More clarity.

Maybe a beautiful gift to give someone else.

You will receive what I wrote for you digitally on printed on beautiful paper in a format of your choice.


220 euros 

Do you want this?

Let's have a 15-minute chat.

Message me at

or via WhatsApp on +31 615888281

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"Phew this one really hits home." - Lavinia

"Thank you for being with me in this process. You write from your generous spirit." - Dominika

"I am deeply touched. Thank you". - Sylvia

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