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Dear you,


My words hold a truth I don’t always listen to myself yet—much too stubborn, stuck in patterns of the mind.Sometimes, I felt like an imposter. (Okay, I still do.)

The words that come out of my pen sometimes sound wiser than the everyday life I am living.When the pen found me and I began practicing what I call surrendered writing, I often received a message: "All you have to do is become empty. In the emptiness, all that you need can appear."When I write, I write from that empty space. The words come from a different place—a place I am still learning to live life fully from.


The words in this little collection come from that place—an offering, a little gift for us.



Much love,Manon

GRTgl_bwIq (6).png

"Thank you for sharing this, it came at a perfect time and was something that I needed." Yulia 

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