connect to something bigger than yourself
surrender to paper surrender to life



For those that want to connect to a wiser part inside and outside themselves. And those who are ready to show up and listen. For those that like simple and practical yet profound.

Do you know you carry a well of knowingness and wisdom around everywhere you go?
Always available to you and the only thing you might have to do is pick up the pen?
This short sweet practical course is about connecting to that

After doing loads of practices like meditation, breathwork, embodiment practices, yoga, plant medicine, reading a gazillion books and visiting about just as many teachers, all to connect me to 'my self' this has been the most profound, deep yet simple and practical thing that helps me connect to my soul. It is called automatic writing. Or just something inside and outside myself, wiser than my own limited self. 

"Surrender to paper surrender to life"  kept on appearing during my writing. This practice also became my way of surrendering my life to something wiser than myself. When I realized my own thinking was mostly keeping me occupied but not helping me move forward in a way that made sense and felt aligned with my highest self, my pen guided me in the most patient and loving way.

And you can make all the spelling and grammar mistakes you want!   

This practice is not about writing pretty, smart, or wise. It does not matter what it looks like. 

 It's like having a conversation with a wiser and more compassionate friend than my everyday self and ego. A way to step away from the ruminating mind. It became my anchor.

It's the thing I commit to every single day. It takes me about 10/15 minutes a day.  And it changed so much for me that I want to bring it to those who feel drawn to give it a try.

Soon I will upload some videos on YouTube to help anyone that wants a practical yet profound tool to help move through life in a way that is aligned with their most inner being and highest self. Anyone who wants a way to connect to their soul and find answers to small and big daily questions.


You can also join a free Q&A live session every month, to ask questions, listen to other people's questions, or just find some connection with like-minded people.

Do you recognize this.

You have tried several practices, maybe you already meditate, maybe you already have a journal practice and it just doesn't really stick for whatever reason. But you do know there is something available inside of you you would love to connect with. Then I recommend you to give this a try, for 30 days. If you showed up for it but feel you got zero value from it you get your money back. 



1. Do I need to already have a meditation or any other kind of spiritual practice? or a writing practice.

Nope. Sometimes I believe the fewer practices we tried the easier it is to start with an open mind, a beginner's mind. This can be practiced by anyone. The same goes for writing. 

2. Is automatic writing journaling?

Automatic writing is not a journaling practice. For years, I was never able to get into journaling, somehow I would get stuck in my head. Overthinking it. (I would even overthink the journal I had to buy.) You do not have to think about what you will write. Journaling is often more focused on the process of what is happening and self-analysis and self-reflection. The intention here is to connect with the knowing voice inside you. Journaling happens on another brainwave (alpha) than automatic writing (theta) but more on that you will learn during the course.


3. How much time a day would this practice take me.

10 minutes