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I am here to help you find the words you did not know you were looking for. I write all that makes us human by diving into my own soul. And sometimes I crawl under your skin.

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I am Manon

I write. I write because putting words to feelings and experiences helps me understand things better. It helps me get to the essence of experiences, people, and life.  They heal and comfort me. And they turned out to do the same for others.

Maybe my words will help you connect with something in yourself. And at the very least, I hope my imperfect humanity makes you feel better about yours.


My words are often described as the point and down-to-earth, yet deep and touching heart and soul. 

We sometimes go through challenges alone, but we are never really alone.

We are in this together, and my words are there to remind myself and everyone else about that.


Although deep down I have known my whole life, writing is my calling, it took me until 2021 to dedicate myself full-time to it. In 2021 I sold my business because my heart was telling me to do so. 

Life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

I fell more often than I can remember. I failed more often than I won. I lost more than I gained.  I left all behind, and traveled from east too west to discover the scariest thing in the world is actually to sit in your own discomfort. But that is also the place where healing takes place and art is created. I often thought I was doing life wrong. Until I learned that that's exactly how it should be. Messy and unpredictable. And where life happens. And you know what else I discovered? We are all much more the same than we are different. If we just dare to look.

I share my words written and spoken on Substack and via my podcast


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Let's see what I can do for you.

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