I am here to help you find the words you did not know you were looking for. I write all that makes us human by diving into my own soul. And sometimes I crawl under your skin.

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I am Manon

I write. I write because putting words to feelings and experiences helps me understand things better. It helps me get to the essence of experiences, people, and life.  It helped me understand myself and the human experience better. Sometimes it helps with healing something. And when I started to share my words with people, it turned out that they do the same for others.

Maybe my words will help you connect with something in yourself. And at the very least, I hope my imperfect humanity makes you feel better about yours.

We sometimes go through challenges alone, but we are never really alone.

We do this life together and my words are there to remind myself and everyone else about that.

With my words I try to make the world a little more human.
With my work for others, I try to let their humanness shine through a tad more. 


I share my personal poems and stories via Substack and via my podcast.

"Helps me find words for what is going on inside of me" 
- K.

I also write custom words.

For your company or a personal poem or reflection.

"When you choose to work with her I think there’s no way you can bullshit her. Her intuition is spot on and she often finds the right words to really hit the nail on the head whatever your situation. " - Jenny Felicitas Barz  

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Born an overthinker.



Bday card saying: just realize the fort 40 years will be rather difficult. 



Listened to hearts whisper and Picked up the pen after almost 4 decades. Perfectly on time. 

Life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

I fell more often than I can remember. I failed more often than I won. I lost more than I gained. But along the road of wins and losses I find myself every day a bit more.
I often thought I was doing life wrong. Until I learned that that's exactly how it should be. And where life happens.
And that we are all always awesome: we are awesome when we fail, we are awesome when we fall, we are awesome when we find ourselves in little pieces, and we are awesome when we try to put them back together and fail again.  We are awesome when we rise again. We are awesome when we are awesome even when we think we are not.